You've Got Mail


Letter writing ready...
Dear Kai, 
Please forgive mommy for our travesty the day before...I sent you to GiGi's (great grandma's) to have your own fun play time with your cousins that are your wasn't a punishment, baby.  I didn't think you were going to cry and carry on for so long...didn't know you wouldn't sleep like you normally do, and instead wake up at the crack of dawn at 5am to sit on GiGi's front porch in your jammies, shoes and hoodie on READY to come back home as she watered the grass...We'll ease our way into your sleepovers better next time.
Dear Internet,
What's your freakin' problem??...You know, it's really not cool to cut on and off within 2-3 minutes apart as I'm trying to write or make comments...No Bueno...Get your life together.

Dear Wonderfully-Made Me,
Go. To. Bed. You stay up too late at night to blog and comment and meet new bloggers...I understand you are SUPER STOKED about learning all you can about the World of Blogging...but you have to get a grip, Girl...
P.S.- Stop dreaming about blogging!!
Dear Sabira,
Thanks for the hook up and for your lovely yesterday...I always look forward to your company.
Dear Weather,
Thank you for getting your life together this week...WAYYY warmer and sunnier than last week
Keep it up.

Dear Bloggies (Blog Buddies) & Blessings (my readers),
Thank you for taking the time to just read what I have to say...I can be all over the place sometimes and your comments and readership mean so much...LOVE YA'LL.

Dear Vegas Family Trip,
I can't wait...

Dear Job Search,
Please get better...

Dear Babe,

Thank you for being a hard worker and make-a-way, find-a-way type of guy.  I see you, Babe.  Thank you for your commitment to get the time off this year to make it to Vegas with the family...I was getting a bit Debbie Downerish after the past two years of not having you with us. I'm so geeked you'll be back with us this year...We gotta do it BIG!!

Dear God, 

Thank you for great family and friends...don't know what I would do with them. Thank you for bringing my lesson to me that will teach these middle school aged girls in October at the United Christian Women's Conference. I sure didn't know WHAT THE HECK I was going to pull together and you  laid it out right in front of me. Thank you for showing what I have and to appreciative for it, no matter how much more I want...You somehow bring me back to contentment.

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