Virtual Makeover Blog Hop

Howdy Blessings!
So, I tend to think that I'm an okay looking creature 
[on my GOOD days].
I decided to try out this virtual makeover session you can do in the privacy of your own home.
Its on my website, and I thought I'd try it out...
since I never really fooled around with it before.



So, I really didn't do too much with my makeup, 
since I like more of the natural look
but in the words of Dr. Emmett Brown...

Man, does my VIRTUAL hair look AMAZEballs!!!
I absolutely love everything about it:
the color and the style, the layers...[SIGH!]
I think I may have to show Jaybee [Hubby] to see what he thinks.
I think I may actually go from two professional hair appointments this year, to a whopping THREE to try this look out.

What do you think...YEA or Nay??

You know what would be an UBER fun idea?
[take yourself back to days of playing dress up...You know..."Back in the day when you were young, you're not a kid anymore, but some days you sit and wish you were kid again..."]
and link it back here in a blog post!!

Oh...well...I thought it was a good idea.

Awww...go on 'head! 
You know you want to.

Make sure you follow your host 
[that would be me, for the first time ever in life...
I'm a lil' geeked]
and make sure you link your MAKEOVER pic as your thumbnail.

Make sure you visit at least 3 other brave DIVAS and share some comment and follow love!

I can't wait to see everyone's makeovers..
this should be fun...

and some major tomfoolery.

Be Blessed <3
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