I'm Gonna Write a Letter...

Dear Kai,

As much as I love you and want to give you the world and a bag of chips, I CANNOT give you a new Jaden.  I know you've asked twice this week for a new one and I totally understand why.  I can't relate firsthand since I've never been a middle child, but I do know how it feels to be left out of all the fun or not wanting to be played with...Sometimes, since Jaden is older than you, he'e gonna want to play by himself...he's almost 10 years old and he wants some time to himself...and that's not a bad thing...

So as much as I like to give you all your hearts desires, another JADEN is just not physically possible.  I would HATE to go through the trouble of trying to produce one for you and be a complete and total failure in your eyes when Mommy comes home with a newborn baby...not a brand shiny new 10 year old Jaden...and a GIRL at that!

I hope you understand what Mommy is trying to explain to you and pray that you will consider keeping the Jaden we already have and making the best of things.

Love always,


P.S. Wait 5 years from now and you see for yourself what Jaden is going through...'Cause you'll be on that side of the fence then with Landan informing me that he's ready for a new Kai.

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