BeYouTiFul Tuesday

Defeat + Suffering + Struggle + Loss = Beautiful People
[yea...that's you]

A Few Mommy Luxuries

Yes, I know...It's been a minute.
A lot on my plate and mind right now.

Blessing Alert: Just started a new job. 

I'm now an Instructional Support Staff  for a 3rd grade class.
And my mind has been swamped with trying to 
figure out how to make this work with my family...
transportation, pick up, drop off...etc.

But thanks to God and no one else...
not even me and my heavy duty critical thinking skillz...
He managed to work this all out.

So...yes, I am sick right now...AGAIN [Boo on my life].
Yes, I am mentally and physically tired...
[these 3rd graders are NO JOKE].
Yes, I'm missing my Hubby...[late work nights all week].
Yes, I am STIIL blessed in the midst of it all...

And it feels soooooo GOOD to enjoy these luxuries!!
[okay probably not the heels]...
but speaking of "showers"...
I think one is calling my name now.

August 2012 Blog Angel Revealing

Howdy Blessings!!!

Today is the THEE day...

as usual, no judging on my tardiness, I'm here now, right??...
and that's all that matters.

Anywhoo, this past month was quite fun, exciting, and challenging in my blog life...I participated in an awesome Beauty Box Swap 

[can't WAIT for the next one] and you should MOS DEF consider signing up to participate for the next one.

ANNNNND...I also decided to be a Blog Angel to one spifferific, fantabulous, faithful and fearless, wonderfully-made 
THEE one...
THEE only...

Now, the work of being a Blog Angel isn't as easy as one would think.  One must find, cool and creative ways to show their special person mad love, props, and to encourage them during their blogging journey.
Ways to do this are through, comment love...we ALL adore comments, following her via any or all of her social mediums, participate in any linkies or giveaways of hers, promote any post of their via your social mediums, or even help create cool graphics for them.

So I tried my very best to do just these things...although Lauren is NOT on Twitter [Boooo! and if she IS it's NOT posted on her blog] I promoted her blog on Twitter.

So, for this particular Thursday Crush post, I blogged about my new fave bloggers that I'm constantly stalking staying up to date with and my girl, Lauren was mos-def among the select few that made the list.

I also [without trying to appear stalker-ish] visited and often commented as much as I could...

This is from Lauren's post: Olympics

Here's my post with me SPORTING one of the ACTUAL USA Olympic jacket that I LOVED but hated...LOL!

And don't forget...I repeat...
to wish Lauren Congrats on her new job!!

Now...I bust my little patootie off trying to get my graphic design on and it was quite a bust. #BooOnMyLife.  I tried and tried and tried to create her a cute sidebar graphic with her pic and brief blurb about herself and I created a few but never sent them to her...I know...I know...altogether now: :


I was too chicken to send them to her...even after Rosie gave me her dimensions to work with... here were my attempts...[no judging]:
Attempt #1

Attempt # 2

Attempt #3
So Lauren, you now have the honors [if you like any of them, of course, if not, #NoPressure at all] of selecting which one you would like for me to modify to fit your sidebar [230 pixels, right?]

One of the things I haven't gotten around to is taking part in Lauren's Link Up:
Here's the most recent link up here and its still open!!
So there you have it...a personal look into my experience with being a Blog Angel.  Peep out how the process was going at the mid-way mark of the month here.

A special shout out and major thanks is due to the lovely Robin!! She's freakin' AMAZEballs for even putting this link up together...Blog Angels is her baby.  I can't wait to participate in the next one...and if you'd like to, here are the deets for it.


Linked up with:
Rosie @ Craftbotic

My First Time...[Friday Edition]

So there you have it...My FIRST!!...
[no judging on my life for this video].

And now for the exciting news...
The deets on the Mini Blogging Conference I was telling you 
that Alissa from Rags to Stitches was talking about.

Roll Call!!!!....
Where are my Southern CALI Bloggies at?!?!

And in other news...


And in honor of Friday...
Let's party HARD into the weekend...
Sorry Rebecca Black...but the Glee guys tore this song up!!
They actually made it sound AMAZEballs.

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Current Crush Thursday [Girl Power Edition]

First thing first: 
Do not...I repeat: 
DO NOT judge my life 
for this super late Thursday post.

Anybody got anything to say about this situation??...


That's what I thought...

Anywhoo...for this week's Current Thursday Crush I thought I'd do something a tad bit different compared to what the average Crush post is about [fave pins from the week, clothes, jewelry, hair styles...etc.].

My crushes this week are a few of my fave blogs.  I've been on these blogs for a minute now and I must admit that I pretty much stalk them any chance I get...
[remember this is a NO JUDGING zone here].

These women are freakin' AMAZEballs!!...They're a combination of  mothers, wives, small-biz owners, at-home workaholics, job-seekers, holding it down for their families all while maintaining blogs that I secretly now publicly HAVE to see what they're up to on the daily...

I heard that you're most like the top 5 people you surround yourself with.
And if that's the case, I want to be in the presence of their blogs ALL the TIME...
These are examples of women and blogs that I think rather highly of...

So...that being said...go check these Faithful & Fearless Wonderfully-Made
Divas out...and tell them I sent you to meet some new bloggies that I believe are pretty darn dope.

Drum roll please....
It's pleasure to introduce you to:

Lauren @ Live Love Lauren
Live Love Lauren

Covered in Grace
Brooke @ Covered By Grace

Rachael @ LaLa Lists
lala Lists



Courtney @ Baxtron Life

Kristine @ The Foley Fam [unedited]

Be Blessed <3

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Beauty Box Swap Unveiling

Beauty Box Reveal Day is HERE!!!
The darling Tiffany at {{blabbering thoughts}} was sweet enough to host a Beauty Box Swap and today is the day I get to share with you the treats that I received.

First of all, I was super excited when my package came.
I felt like a kid waiting for Santa to come to her house on Christmas.

The lucky lady who had me is Kari of Cupcakes and Bling.
She gave these cute mini nail polishes from Nicole 
[the super fantabulicious glittery one is my fave of the batch]
I also received Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm with SPF 20.
I LOVED this product...made my lips feel super moisturized and hydrated 
for several hours before I had to re-apply...
and thank you, Kari
 [by all means, go check her out and show her some love]
for not only thinking of what would be cute on me,
 but for also thinking
of protecting my skin, as well. 

Now, MY wonderfully-made diva-and-a-half is Kimberly at Lush Lounge.
You should mos-def check out what she got from me...

Kim...This is the pic of the B-Boys driving me bonkers helping me shop for your goodies.

and major props to Kimberly on how much she pumped me
up on her post...she's over there making me blush...
[and you know us black folks don't do that].

Thanks again to Tiffany for hosting the swap and to my girl Kari for 
the wonderful beauty box [smooches]...
If you'd like to participate in the next Beauty Box Swap 
keep a look out
for details coming soon...early September tops!

6 Things That He Hates [& More]

food for your soul
Someone has some serious work to do on their self...

Proverbs Reading Plan from the You Version Bible app [website]/
She Reads Truth is a community of lovely ladies 

who come together online
to soak up God's word
and to hold each other accountable to be in the word daily...
You know its easy to forget or just NOT be in it sometimes.
Feel free to join us if you need to be more in your bible
or need a means of accountability.

What are some areas in your life you need dust off and work on?

The Half Way Blog Angel Link Up...


 ...or in the words of Rosie "HOOTENANNY.:"

What did you say?...What's a Blog Angel?...So glad you asked!! 
[What do you mean, you didn't ask...of course you did...and if you really didn't like you said didn't...then subconsciously you really did...and just don't know it.]

Blog Angels is a monthly get-together, link up, program set up by the ever-so-lovely Rosie and Katlyn to meet fellow bloggers and pretty much be a SECRET ANGEL to them.  Remember the movie Pay it Forward where the little boy went around doing nice nice random things for others with no strings attached [and died...but we're gonna keep it upbeat and positive...ok?]

That's how Blog Angels is...we all had our names randomly picked by each other and in turn we do things to make their blogging experience UBER spiferrific for them. The sky's the limit with what you can do...

I was [and still am, don't get me wrong] super duper excited about participating.  But finding out this is also a tad bit more difficult than I thought it'd be...I mean HOW MANY times can you show comment-love without being a stalker too obvious??

So, of course I'm following  my Fantabulous Wonderfully-Made Secret Bloggy of a Diva... and have left heart-felt, genuine engaging comments. I believe she doesn't have a  Twitter...which may work towards my advantage for when I tweet to my followers to peep her blog out.

She's VERY interested in graphics for her I've been living on working on creating a button and an About Me graphic to go onto her sidebar...but I'm not sure about the dimensions of her sidebar...any advice on the BEST way to guestimate or go about finding out...Or just how to create the graphics without knowing those deets??

[Something to remember when you you have NO idea, WHAT IN THE WORLD, you are doing:]
[Photo Source]

[WHEW!!!...That makes me feel better...don't you??]

Anywhoo...How's everyone else doing??...I would love to here your wins and losses, hits and misses, highs and lows...what seems to work and not work for you...and does ANYONE have ANY any clue who may have YOU as an angel?? for me, I'm sooooo clueless right now.

See you all on the 30th for our final reveal post!!

Be Blessed.

Instaweek [Week in Photos]

Blessed Wednesday, Blessings!!...
Boo on My Life.
I know I'm late with posts this week...
just trying to get back in the swing of things 
since being back from our family vacay in Vegas.

So here's what I was into last week and over the weekend:
  1. I thought it was gonna be a MAJOR #BooOnMyLife situation when I found out coffee wasn't made for me to take on the ride up to Vegas, but Jaybee [Hubby] had a little something up his sleeve to save the day.  
  2. Had to do another Yogurtland trip [that made 2 in 3 days] #nojudging. 
  3. First time having Nathan's...pretty darn tasty, too.

  1. Oh, how the B-Boys wrecked my last ever-lovin' nerve as we paid CVS a visit to shop for the Beauty Box Swap.
  2. Whatever it was...sure was good.
  3. Landan...curious, I assume, about WHY we're still in car...
  4. First family dinner of the Vegas trip...Jaden gettin' it in on his ice cream.
  5. SKEE-Ball, baby!!

  1. My Boo-Bear doing one of the things that he does best: driving too fast.
  2. Three of my favorite guys: My brother [in the Kemp jersey], Brother from anotha' motha' [middle]...we share the same heavenly daddy...and my BABE!...I was sadly watching THEM shop.

  1. Love. LOVE. L.O.V.E. Diary of Wimpy Kid...and Dog Days was my fix for the weekend. 
  2. The MJ Slots are the BEEZ= Kneez!!!...I need one of these at home with unlimited credits. 

I want this so badly...
but not the $450 receipt that would come with it...

So how was everyone else's week and weekend?

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All Things [E] About Me

[e] A-Z All About Me Blog Challenge
Partying with Love Kate's A-Z All About Me Blog Challenge
Covered in Grace's Monday Meet Up
Still Being Molly's #YOLOmondays 

Happy MONday, Blessings!!
Kate at Love Kate is hosting an A-Z All About Me weekly blog challenge. Just stumbled upon her last night and NEW I wanted to participate the FIRST I laid eyes on her blog. I'm sure it's not too late to join in if you wish...the more the merrier.

Friday Letters

Dear Christine,
You will not waste time trying to think of a clever intro this post. You will just hop right into it since you're tired from not getting enough sleep last night because of packing for the family vacay, blogging, the early travel from LA to Vegas, and the long hot day with zero rest AND the B-Boys are still up and SUPER wired...[GO TO BED!!!!] Don't feel guilty for not having a proper intro, your readers will understand...Now...onto the next...
Super irritated with the hyperness of the
Dear J-Dogg,
Please move out of my way as am I'm trying to take a pic that depicts my HIGH level of FRUSTRATION and TIREDNESS right now...
[although I believe I captured that pretty well in the previous pic].

Dear Supportive Fam & Friends,
You don't EVEN know how much your support means to me...from the encouraging tweets, comments, and recommended resources to learn more...You ARE appreciated and make me want to do exceptionally well with this...THANX Ya'll!! <3

Dear Vegas,
Happy to be here away from home.  Please don't be too unbearably hot.  I hope we branch out to do some things we normally don't do.

Dear Larry [my bro],
If you don't stop snoring, right now in life, as I'm typing these're in the adjoining suite and I can STILL hear your gag-snoring...I hope you DON'T choke in your sleep...No, for real.

Dear Jaybee [Hubby]
You. Are. Amazing. #thatisall

Dear Glasses,
Please hold on for as long as you can...I know I've had you since freakin' 2005/2006...I know your lifespan is coming to an end and I'm soooo blessed you're staying together by my clear top coat nail polish that I used two nights ago as an adhesive to save your life....Please hear my plea. I cannot afford to loose right now.

Partying with:

Be Blessed, Blessings!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

...Take me out to the crowd...
Buy some some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and Cool-a-Coos, and Dodger Dogs, Nachos, Soda 
[my good, I'ma Fatty McFattems] AND everything on this style board, please and thank you 
[in advance].

I'm an uber Dodger Fan and no judging on my whole entire life, but Mike Piazza is STILL my favorite Dodger of all time 
[although Kemp, Loney, and Eithier can get it ALL DAY LONG].
My View of the game back in May 2012
Anywhoo, Victoria's Secret sells a lot of official sports wear now and its super yummy to my fashion senses, but not so much to my wallet. So here you have it: My Current Thursday Crush - Dodgers Gear [oh yeah, and the team, too]

Take Me Out To the Ballgame
[Photo Source - My Polyvore]

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Blessed Thursday, Blessings!

STOP, Watch Your Mouth, Trust, & Be Grateful

Some things that have been on my heart
Be Blessed, Blessings.
watch your words, trust God, be grateful
[Photo Source] [Photo Source] [Photo Source] [Photo Source]
All found via Pinterest
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MONday is MY Day & Monday is YOUR Day

my day letters
[Photo Source] Adapted from thxthxthx

I have a lot going on this week.  So to not get overwhelmed, I'll only focus on today...MONday = MY Day.
I start back watching my two little homies so that now makes five  rugrats
[the B-Boys and the 2 Lil Homies]
running around the house this summer.
I also have to get packing for four [me and the B-Boys] for our family VEGAS Trip...

So, I sit here thinking of what I will [have time to] do for me on my MONday.
MONday List:
  1. I will start my She Reads Truth study...[uber excited about this...being in the word with other fellow bloggers should be fun and encouraging and FULL of accountability]
  2. Get FULLY dressed...[the better you look, the better you feel]
  3. [Not sure if I'll get to this today but...] I want to start getting my items for my Beauty Box Swap that I'm super GEEKED about.

Weekly Highlight:

In Other News:
Hometown Swap
Ok, so peep this out...
Kristin at Domestically Unemployed is putting together a Hometown Swap where you'll get a partner to swap cool things about your hometown...anythings from well-known recipes, to trinkets, magnets, postcards...WHATEVER that reeks YOUR hometown.
Now, I L.O.V.E. the idea of getting cool fun mail and deliveries 
[I'm not about bills and that junk mail life]...
So, I'm already sold!!
Kristin is now looking for others that are interested and wants to get a swap together for August
So who's in??
Go to Domestically Unemployed and fill out the Hometown Swap interest form so we can get the party started!!

Tell her, Christine from Pink Hugs & Blessings sent you.

Happy MONday, Blessings <3

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#YOLO Mondays
Weekend Update

Virtual Makeover Blog Hop

Howdy Blessings!
So, I tend to think that I'm an okay looking creature 
[on my GOOD days].
I decided to try out this virtual makeover session you can do in the privacy of your own home.
Its on my website, and I thought I'd try it out...
since I never really fooled around with it before.



So, I really didn't do too much with my makeup, 
since I like more of the natural look
but in the words of Dr. Emmett Brown...

Man, does my VIRTUAL hair look AMAZEballs!!!
I absolutely love everything about it:
the color and the style, the layers...[SIGH!]
I think I may have to show Jaybee [Hubby] to see what he thinks.
I think I may actually go from two professional hair appointments this year, to a whopping THREE to try this look out.

What do you think...YEA or Nay??

You know what would be an UBER fun idea?
[take yourself back to days of playing dress up...You know..."Back in the day when you were young, you're not a kid anymore, but some days you sit and wish you were kid again..."]
and link it back here in a blog post!!

Oh...well...I thought it was a good idea.

Awww...go on 'head! 
You know you want to.

Make sure you follow your host 
[that would be me, for the first time ever in life...
I'm a lil' geeked]
and make sure you link your MAKEOVER pic as your thumbnail.

Make sure you visit at least 3 other brave DIVAS and share some comment and follow love!

I can't wait to see everyone's makeovers..
this should be fun...

and some major tomfoolery.

Be Blessed <3

Hey Mr. Postman...

Dear Blogging World,
Please bear with me as I'm learning all I can about this life...
And someone may need to take me under their wing [any mentors??] to put me up on game...BUT...through observation 
it seems like you're not a REAL blogger unless:

  1. You have a Shabby Apple ad on your blog.
  2. You're not a 20-something, married, SAHM, photographer, living in the middle of nowhere.
  3. You have lots of giveaways.
  4. Your blog has bright or neutral color blog designs with ultra white backgrounds.
  5. Your Pics are vintage-looking [who wants anyone to know that they'reactually from the present??]
  6. Blog post consist of photos ONLY...[who needs words? I just got the memo that readers don't read anyone...they look at photos.]
  7. You attend blogging conferences [specifically Bloggy Boot Camp thru SITS]- Speaking of conferences, anyone know of any good one's L.A.??
Dear Hubby
I CANNOT thank you ENOUGH for the work you put in this week. You always seem to amaze me...Putting the kids to bed, making their plates, playing with them outside after working on your car and having a full day at church, being my friend, real convos, loving me and buying and prepping breakfast for my sorority meeting...
A slo-mo, solo, standing ovation goes out to you, Babe. <3
[vintage photo - good blogger]
[present day photo - big NO-NO]
Dear Self,
Didn't I say stop staying up so late blogging??...You're still not listening...maybe this week you will.

Dear So You Think You Can Dance [America],
Boo on your life for letting go Amber and Brandon this week, especially after this performance...although votes were based off last week's performances.

Dear God,
I have to thank you for hooking up my marriage this year.  I know things have been shaky, L.A.F.M. [like a freakin' mug], but you have REALLY shown out...I don't know what I did to deserve the goodness that my Hubby has been showing and giving recently...
but all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Dear Amy @ Taking Steps Home,
Girl, you hit it the nail on the head with your interpretation of the "S" word.
women submit
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