Instaweek [Week in Photos]

Blessed Wednesday, Blessings!!...
Boo on My Life.
I know I'm late with posts this week...
just trying to get back in the swing of things 
since being back from our family vacay in Vegas.

So here's what I was into last week and over the weekend:
  1. I thought it was gonna be a MAJOR #BooOnMyLife situation when I found out coffee wasn't made for me to take on the ride up to Vegas, but Jaybee [Hubby] had a little something up his sleeve to save the day.  
  2. Had to do another Yogurtland trip [that made 2 in 3 days] #nojudging. 
  3. First time having Nathan's...pretty darn tasty, too.

  1. Oh, how the B-Boys wrecked my last ever-lovin' nerve as we paid CVS a visit to shop for the Beauty Box Swap.
  2. Whatever it was...sure was good.
  3. Landan...curious, I assume, about WHY we're still in car...
  4. First family dinner of the Vegas trip...Jaden gettin' it in on his ice cream.
  5. SKEE-Ball, baby!!

  1. My Boo-Bear doing one of the things that he does best: driving too fast.
  2. Three of my favorite guys: My brother [in the Kemp jersey], Brother from anotha' motha' [middle]...we share the same heavenly daddy...and my BABE!...I was sadly watching THEM shop.

  1. Love. LOVE. L.O.V.E. Diary of Wimpy Kid...and Dog Days was my fix for the weekend. 
  2. The MJ Slots are the BEEZ= Kneez!!!...I need one of these at home with unlimited credits. 

I want this so badly...
but not the $450 receipt that would come with it...

So how was everyone else's week and weekend?

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