The Half Way Blog Angel Link Up...


 ...or in the words of Rosie "HOOTENANNY.:"

What did you say?...What's a Blog Angel?...So glad you asked!! 
[What do you mean, you didn't ask...of course you did...and if you really didn't like you said didn't...then subconsciously you really did...and just don't know it.]

Blog Angels is a monthly get-together, link up, program set up by the ever-so-lovely Rosie and Katlyn to meet fellow bloggers and pretty much be a SECRET ANGEL to them.  Remember the movie Pay it Forward where the little boy went around doing nice nice random things for others with no strings attached [and died...but we're gonna keep it upbeat and positive...ok?]

That's how Blog Angels is...we all had our names randomly picked by each other and in turn we do things to make their blogging experience UBER spiferrific for them. The sky's the limit with what you can do...

I was [and still am, don't get me wrong] super duper excited about participating.  But finding out this is also a tad bit more difficult than I thought it'd be...I mean HOW MANY times can you show comment-love without being a stalker too obvious??

So, of course I'm following  my Fantabulous Wonderfully-Made Secret Bloggy of a Diva... and have left heart-felt, genuine engaging comments. I believe she doesn't have a  Twitter...which may work towards my advantage for when I tweet to my followers to peep her blog out.

She's VERY interested in graphics for her I've been living on working on creating a button and an About Me graphic to go onto her sidebar...but I'm not sure about the dimensions of her sidebar...any advice on the BEST way to guestimate or go about finding out...Or just how to create the graphics without knowing those deets??

[Something to remember when you you have NO idea, WHAT IN THE WORLD, you are doing:]
[Photo Source]

[WHEW!!!...That makes me feel better...don't you??]

Anywhoo...How's everyone else doing??...I would love to here your wins and losses, hits and misses, highs and lows...what seems to work and not work for you...and does ANYONE have ANY any clue who may have YOU as an angel?? for me, I'm sooooo clueless right now.

See you all on the 30th for our final reveal post!!

Be Blessed.
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