About Christine

Hi Blessings...
I'm Christine and I'm a D.O.R.K 
[Daughter Of The Righteous King].
I'm married to a super hot, saved saint, bass singer and creative genius.
I'm a mother to the most loving, crazy, funny, goofy, caring, friendliest boys I know...
The B-Boys: Jaden [J-Dogg], Kai [KaiBee], and Landan [Duni].
the b-boys and b-girl
We're [almost, but not very much so] like the Brady Bunch, since we with live my family...there's 9 people total and a dog [RJ] under our one little roof, here in Inglewood [Los Angeles], Cali.
And I'm here 
just trying to figure it all out...
What is "IT"?...

Now, I know that won't happen...
But I'm trying to find my place in this world.
Finding out who I am in Christ as I learn and grow from all the tomfoolery that happens along my way 
[and BEST believe there have been some MAJOR foolery].

Pink Hugs & Blessings 
is about my journey through my ups and downs to self love and acceptance, spiritual growth, happiness & contentment and all the misadventures of the B-Boys and a B-Girl in between it all. And hopefully I touch a few lives and reach out to others that are seeking the same things.

My Loves:

  • Event Planning
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Youth Ministry
  • Mentoring & Advising Young People
  • Soaking up muy mucho about blogging and graphic design.

My High Hopes:
  • Always wanted to act.
  • Want to event planning...again.
  • Want to have my own urban pop-culture Christian magazine                     [Cosmo topics + Christ's views]& a radio show.]
  • Want to work at a university within campus recreations or student activities = FREE college education for the B-Boys. 

Peace Out, Homies!!
Be Blessed. <3

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