MONday is MY Day & Monday is YOUR Day

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I have a lot going on this week.  So to not get overwhelmed, I'll only focus on today...MONday = MY Day.
I start back watching my two little homies so that now makes five  rugrats
[the B-Boys and the 2 Lil Homies]
running around the house this summer.
I also have to get packing for four [me and the B-Boys] for our family VEGAS Trip...

So, I sit here thinking of what I will [have time to] do for me on my MONday.
MONday List:
  1. I will start my She Reads Truth study...[uber excited about this...being in the word with other fellow bloggers should be fun and encouraging and FULL of accountability]
  2. Get FULLY dressed...[the better you look, the better you feel]
  3. [Not sure if I'll get to this today but...] I want to start getting my items for my Beauty Box Swap that I'm super GEEKED about.

Weekly Highlight:

In Other News:
Hometown Swap
Ok, so peep this out...
Kristin at Domestically Unemployed is putting together a Hometown Swap where you'll get a partner to swap cool things about your hometown...anythings from well-known recipes, to trinkets, magnets, postcards...WHATEVER that reeks YOUR hometown.
Now, I L.O.V.E. the idea of getting cool fun mail and deliveries 
[I'm not about bills and that junk mail life]...
So, I'm already sold!!
Kristin is now looking for others that are interested and wants to get a swap together for August
So who's in??
Go to Domestically Unemployed and fill out the Hometown Swap interest form so we can get the party started!!

Tell her, Christine from Pink Hugs & Blessings sent you.

Happy MONday, Blessings <3

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