My Life in Pics

The past two weeks have been CA-RAAAAAZY!  I feel like I've been running non-stop.  Two weeks ago was vacation bible school (VBS) so the B-Boys and I were at the church all week from 7pm to 9pm.  What was totally unexpected for us was that My Babe (Jarrett/JayBee, my hubby) surprised us by showing up there every night. Since he normally works long days it was such a treat for all of us to have him there with us...**BROWNIE POINTS for JayBee**...WHOOT WHOOT!!

This past week was even more hectic...This week was also our youth ministry's Annual Youth Lectureship..the theme was STAND - Stay True and Never Deviate. The lectureship ran from Wednesday to Saturday, with a last minute lock-in thrown together for our in-house youth...


Light Of Life Drama Group

Cross Worship Activity - Cast All Your Cares

Youth silhouettes...I'm the one kicking my foot judging,

On top of VBS and the lectureship, I had to fit time and activities in for the B-Boys.
So we went to library and the park on the day I had my very own personal nanny to help me along the day.

We also managed to make it to the HOT zoo...Man, it was HOT like a freakin' mug!!...
But still uber fun for the B-Boys.

Yesterday I realized that I wasn't the only one totally pooped...
When I pulled up into the church parking lot and parked this is what I found to my surprise...

How To Get a TKO (Total Knock Out) Out of Your Kids:
  1.  No Naps during the day.
  2.  Only since its the summer, let them stay up a little past their normal bed time (not too much cause you still mos-def need your time to yourself).
  3. Get lots of outdoor playtime...that sun gets them good!
  4.  Allow them to wake up at the crack of dawn.
  5. DO NOT...I repeat...I DO NOT play their favorite songs, radio or Pandora station in the car...totally listen to what you want to hear.
  6.  Throw them in car for a nice car ride.

And TAAA-DAAA!!!....TKO!!!!

Now just pray you don't have to immediately get out of the car (like I had to for church...LOL!!) and pack some things for you to get into: books, magazines, snacks, water, laptop, work...and park somewhere nice and quiet, with a beautiful scenery...and notice how at peace and accomplished you'll feel.
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