Un-Wordless Wednesday Vol. 1

Disclaimer #1:
No judging my whole entire life for long it took for me to get this posted...okay?
Thank You.
Lunch with the B-Boys & the Parental @ CPK
Del Rey Lagoon Park, Marina Del Rey, Cali
Glow Girls Beach Trip, Santa Monica, Cali

Disclaimer #2:
No judging for using WORDS in my WORDLESS Wednesday Posts...
Thanks, again.
*Things I was thankful for on Saturday 
*Hubby going to infinity and beyond as he bought AND prepped breakfast for my sorority meeting at the house
*Glow Girl's Creed
*Thee BEST ever: Mary Kay
*How my BeYouTiFul face looked after using Thee BEST Ever: 
*ONE of the singing groups my Hubby belongs to: 
*My lil' brotha from another motha (same heavenly daddy, though)...lookin' like he 'bout to teach some salsa dancing lessons...but we're at church...LOL!...
Get It, Isaiah!!

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