Week in Pics!!

This past week was AMAZEballs (thanks Ericas for that new vocab)! A lot of family time, fun, movies, amusement parks (not documented...sorry) and of course, tomfoolery took place.  Here's what went down:

july 4th family fun

Here's what my 4th of July looked like:
1. My brother parading Landan around after he got back from work. 
2. My Independence Day Swag. 
3. Good Ole Woody's BBQ...too hot actually cook that day.  
4. Throwing up the Two Fingers...as always. 
5. Tryna get their lives together for the photo opp.  
6. 2/3 of the B-Boys finally got it together for the pic.

week in photos

As for the rest of the week:
1. **singing to self** "Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." for a walk.  
2. Kai testing out the new tent and tunnel Granny bought.  
3. Landan tearing up the new tent and tunnel Granny just bought. 
4. Still on this shirt...LOVE IT.  
5. AND still on the duces pic...its what I do...You'll seldom see a pic of me without my fellow fingers. 
6. Super geeked about to watch the Amazing Spiderman...wasn't it GOOD?!?!...and YEA for the new Peter Parker...WAAAYYY better than the last one...sorry Toby.  
7. The Greedy Mites...they just always seem to magically pop up anytime food is in sight.  
8. Bryant Summer School is session...still have to be on the educational grind...even during the summer.  
9. Landan FINALLY gets his turn at the Beyblade stadium...are anyone else's kids up on this new phenomenon?!?

Until Next Week...for another weekly re-cap.
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