Beach, He-man, Hot Dog on a Stick, B-Boys, and More

Happy Monday, Blessings!!!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Here's the weekly recap:
1.  Half of last week was FREAKIN' gloomy and depressing...and RAIN?!?!...all I have to say is BOO ON THE WEATHER'S LIFE.

2. 2/3 of the B-Boys went to visit some of Jaden's friends from school. They live in Marina Del Rey, just walking distance from Mother's Beach...So I had to get a photo opp of the fellas with the BEST Jedi knight poses on our way to the beach...Get it, BOYS!!

3. Mary Kay ALL DAY!!...#thatisall

4. My mom wants her next dog to be a beagle...we both LOVE Snoopy...who wouldn't want Snoopy as a pet?!?...Although he'd probably be more my HOMIE than anything else...we would do ABSOLUTELY everything, eat...DANCE...but this beagle right AMAZEballs HUGE...didn't know they could get this big...Not too sure I want my Snoopy to get THIS big. =/

5. Landan's first corn dog.  Yes...he ate the WHOLE corn dog.

6. Jaden GROOVIN' while eating...what??...Don't tell me YOU don't groove when your meal is the bomb...#sideeye

7.  SICK...and as of today...still sounding like General Grievous from Star Wars.

8. Sitting back waiting to see which B-Boy is going to get hurt first...I tell them ONE time to stop playing rough before someone get hurts...and after that if they choose to continue...they need only to expect one thing = CASUALTIES. #sideeye

9. Sippin' on some sizzurp!!...Limeaid...yuuuuuuuuummmmmmm.

10. Monday's lunch at the mall with the B-Boys and 1/2 of the parentals (my mom).

11. Handy Landy. You couldn't tell him NUTHIN'...he just knew that HE KNEW what HE was doing.

12. My babe getting his preachin' proud of him. He did so well...well, he always does...and his analogies and applications are ALWAYS the best!...He made a reference of how the Power of the Holy Spirit is like the Power of Grey Skull (He-Man fans out there??...She-Ra??...) in how it can transform you and renew your mind just how it was only by the power of Grey Skull that Prince Adam could change into He-Man...then he had the nerve to show a clip...smh...#comedy

13. My FAVE pic of the KaiBee missing his daddy.

I would love to know how everyone's week panned out...if you posted anything similar like your instagram pics of the week or your week/life in photos...linked them here so I can see and comment back.

Here's to a blessed week...

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