BeYouTiFul Specific Details

Guess what, Chica?
[My bad, and CHICOS in case you're here reading, too, then...WHOOT WHOOT!]

You're freakin' irreplaceable!

So, I guess an apology, on my behalf, is called for if you've been thinking of everything imaginable to change about you to become something "better/more pretty/more popular/even more AMAZEballs"
 than you think you already are...'re wrong...
there's ABSOLUTELY nothing in life you can do to change [COMPLETELY].

Why become someone else when there's NO ONE else CREATED
 in this W.W.W. [whole wide world] to look like
 BeYouTiFul YOU??

You have some spiferiffic specific details about you, 
specially designed JUST FOR YOU that no one else has...
That's kinda freakin' crazy amazin'.

Okay, who do you know who knew you be before you were born?
[I mean, your mama CARRIED you, but she still didn't really know ANYTHING about you, 
except your sex when that was revealed]

And who knows ALL your deep, dark, & bright, specific, intimate thoughts 
that you don't even write in your journal or tell your BFF?

(you answer): No one.

You're WRONG...

God does.
He believes you're special enough to NOT have any carbon copies
 of you roaming around the earth.

You have some very BeYouTiFul Specific Details 
all mixed together that make you...YOU.

And that's kinda dope, I must say.

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