MONday is MY Day & Monday is YOUR Day

my day letters
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I have a lot going on this week.  So to not get overwhelmed, I'll only focus on today...MONday = MY Day.
I start back watching my two little homies so that now makes five  rugrats
[the B-Boys and the 2 Lil Homies]
running around the house this summer.
I also have to get packing for four [me and the B-Boys] for our family VEGAS Trip...

So, I sit here thinking of what I will [have time to] do for me on my MONday.
MONday List:
  1. I will start my She Reads Truth study...[uber excited about this...being in the word with other fellow bloggers should be fun and encouraging and FULL of accountability]
  2. Get FULLY dressed...[the better you look, the better you feel]
  3. [Not sure if I'll get to this today but...] I want to start getting my items for my Beauty Box Swap that I'm super GEEKED about.

Weekly Highlight:

In Other News:
Hometown Swap
Ok, so peep this out...
Kristin at Domestically Unemployed is putting together a Hometown Swap where you'll get a partner to swap cool things about your hometown...anythings from well-known recipes, to trinkets, magnets, postcards...WHATEVER that reeks YOUR hometown.
Now, I L.O.V.E. the idea of getting cool fun mail and deliveries 
[I'm not about bills and that junk mail life]...
So, I'm already sold!!
Kristin is now looking for others that are interested and wants to get a swap together for August
So who's in??
Go to Domestically Unemployed and fill out the Hometown Swap interest form so we can get the party started!!

Tell her, Christine from Pink Hugs & Blessings sent you.

Happy MONday, Blessings <3

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Monday Meet Up
Miscellany Monday
#YOLO Mondays
Weekend Update

Virtual Makeover Blog Hop

Howdy Blessings!
So, I tend to think that I'm an okay looking creature 
[on my GOOD days].
I decided to try out this virtual makeover session you can do in the privacy of your own home.
Its on my website, and I thought I'd try it out...
since I never really fooled around with it before.



So, I really didn't do too much with my makeup, 
since I like more of the natural look
but in the words of Dr. Emmett Brown...

Man, does my VIRTUAL hair look AMAZEballs!!!
I absolutely love everything about it:
the color and the style, the layers...[SIGH!]
I think I may have to show Jaybee [Hubby] to see what he thinks.
I think I may actually go from two professional hair appointments this year, to a whopping THREE to try this look out.

What do you think...YEA or Nay??

You know what would be an UBER fun idea?
[take yourself back to days of playing dress up...You know..."Back in the day when you were young, you're not a kid anymore, but some days you sit and wish you were kid again..."]
and link it back here in a blog post!!

Oh...well...I thought it was a good idea.

Awww...go on 'head! 
You know you want to.

Make sure you follow your host 
[that would be me, for the first time ever in life...
I'm a lil' geeked]
and make sure you link your MAKEOVER pic as your thumbnail.

Make sure you visit at least 3 other brave DIVAS and share some comment and follow love!

I can't wait to see everyone's makeovers..
this should be fun...

and some major tomfoolery.

Be Blessed <3

Hey Mr. Postman...

Dear Blogging World,
Please bear with me as I'm learning all I can about this life...
And someone may need to take me under their wing [any mentors??] to put me up on game...BUT...through observation 
it seems like you're not a REAL blogger unless:

  1. You have a Shabby Apple ad on your blog.
  2. You're not a 20-something, married, SAHM, photographer, living in the middle of nowhere.
  3. You have lots of giveaways.
  4. Your blog has bright or neutral color blog designs with ultra white backgrounds.
  5. Your Pics are vintage-looking [who wants anyone to know that they'reactually from the present??]
  6. Blog post consist of photos ONLY...[who needs words? I just got the memo that readers don't read anyone...they look at photos.]
  7. You attend blogging conferences [specifically Bloggy Boot Camp thru SITS]- Speaking of conferences, anyone know of any good one's L.A.??
Dear Hubby
I CANNOT thank you ENOUGH for the work you put in this week. You always seem to amaze me...Putting the kids to bed, making their plates, playing with them outside after working on your car and having a full day at church, being my friend, real convos, loving me and buying and prepping breakfast for my sorority meeting...
A slo-mo, solo, standing ovation goes out to you, Babe. <3
[vintage photo - good blogger]
[present day photo - big NO-NO]
Dear Self,
Didn't I say stop staying up so late blogging??...You're still not listening...maybe this week you will.

Dear So You Think You Can Dance [America],
Boo on your life for letting go Amber and Brandon this week, especially after this performance...although votes were based off last week's performances.

Dear God,
I have to thank you for hooking up my marriage this year.  I know things have been shaky, L.A.F.M. [like a freakin' mug], but you have REALLY shown out...I don't know what I did to deserve the goodness that my Hubby has been showing and giving recently...
but all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Dear Amy @ Taking Steps Home,
Girl, you hit it the nail on the head with your interpretation of the "S" word.
women submit
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I Gotta Crush On You

Morning Blessings!!
Wanted to share some of the ultra awesome things 
 I'm soooo crushing on this week.

1. These adorable wallpapers for your cellular devices
[haha!...cellular devices...liked that, huh?]
From Enlighten Education, an org that's all about teaching girls
 to become "thinking, confidant young women."
And I'm all about that life so...go get yours and support a spifferrific cause.
[Photo Source]

[Sorry, just felt like I had to shout this one]
So, I guess these are like journals on steroids...
Oh!...or remember Pimp My Ride with Xzibit on MTV??
This is the Pimp My Journal version.
But the AMAZEballs part of this find for me was the Scripture Scraps version 
of the SMASH BOOKS from lowercase letters.
I'll mos-def be sharing this as an activity with my GLOW Girls at church 
as a way for them to get more into the word of God and to help them with memorization.
[Photo Source]
[Photo Source]

3. Fruitful Feet Custom Toms Shoes
[                                                              ]
No, that's not a mistake, that means, "No Words."
But, no again, I DO have some words to say:
What is NOT to like about these??...
A. They're Toms.
C. I'm ALWAYS down to Rep the King with my gear. 
[Photo Source]

[Photo Source]
So, there you have Current Thursday Crushes and 
Thursday Thoughts for the week.
PLEASE go 'head and share what you're crushing on this week...
I don't care WHAT is it...just share it.

Well, sometimes it is...
if its too far fetched, I may have to judge your whole entire life...
yea, ALL of it.

Un-Wordless Wednesday Vol. 1

Disclaimer #1:
No judging my whole entire life for long it took for me to get this posted...okay?
Thank You.
Lunch with the B-Boys & the Parental @ CPK
Del Rey Lagoon Park, Marina Del Rey, Cali
Glow Girls Beach Trip, Santa Monica, Cali

Disclaimer #2:
No judging for using WORDS in my WORDLESS Wednesday Posts...
Thanks, again.
*Things I was thankful for on Saturday 
*Hubby going to infinity and beyond as he bought AND prepped breakfast for my sorority meeting at the house
*Glow Girl's Creed
*Thee BEST ever: Mary Kay
*How my BeYouTiFul face looked after using Thee BEST Ever: 
*ONE of the singing groups my Hubby belongs to: 
*My lil' brotha from another motha (same heavenly daddy, though)...lookin' like he 'bout to teach some salsa dancing lessons...but we're at church...LOL!...
Get It, Isaiah!!

BeYouTiFul Specific Details

Guess what, Chica?
[My bad, and CHICOS in case you're here reading, too, then...WHOOT WHOOT!]

You're freakin' irreplaceable!

So, I guess an apology, on my behalf, is called for if you've been thinking of everything imaginable to change about you to become something "better/more pretty/more popular/even more AMAZEballs"
 than you think you already are...'re wrong...
there's ABSOLUTELY nothing in life you can do to change [COMPLETELY].

Why become someone else when there's NO ONE else CREATED
 in this W.W.W. [whole wide world] to look like
 BeYouTiFul YOU??

You have some spiferiffic specific details about you, 
specially designed JUST FOR YOU that no one else has...
That's kinda freakin' crazy amazin'.

Okay, who do you know who knew you be before you were born?
[I mean, your mama CARRIED you, but she still didn't really know ANYTHING about you, 
except your sex when that was revealed]

And who knows ALL your deep, dark, & bright, specific, intimate thoughts 
that you don't even write in your journal or tell your BFF?

(you answer): No one.

You're WRONG...

God does.
He believes you're special enough to NOT have any carbon copies
 of you roaming around the earth.

You have some very BeYouTiFul Specific Details 
all mixed together that make you...YOU.

And that's kinda dope, I must say.

MONday = MY Day Vol.1

Blessed MONday!!

Mon in French is MY.
So, now I like to think of Mondays as: MY Day.
What am I going to do for me on MY Day?...

Today I want to SHINE...
Well, I'd like to SHINE everyday...
But we have to take baby steps sometimes 
just to make a dent of an impact or change in our lives...

So my baby steps will start on...

(you answer):  MONday.

YES...on MY Day.

And today I will SHINE.

How are you spending your MONday??

You've Got Mail


Letter writing ready...
Dear Kai, 
Please forgive mommy for our travesty the day before...I sent you to GiGi's (great grandma's) to have your own fun play time with your cousins that are your wasn't a punishment, baby.  I didn't think you were going to cry and carry on for so long...didn't know you wouldn't sleep like you normally do, and instead wake up at the crack of dawn at 5am to sit on GiGi's front porch in your jammies, shoes and hoodie on READY to come back home as she watered the grass...We'll ease our way into your sleepovers better next time.
Dear Internet,
What's your freakin' problem??...You know, it's really not cool to cut on and off within 2-3 minutes apart as I'm trying to write or make comments...No Bueno...Get your life together.

Dear Wonderfully-Made Me,
Go. To. Bed. You stay up too late at night to blog and comment and meet new bloggers...I understand you are SUPER STOKED about learning all you can about the World of Blogging...but you have to get a grip, Girl...
P.S.- Stop dreaming about blogging!!
Dear Sabira,
Thanks for the hook up and for your lovely yesterday...I always look forward to your company.
Dear Weather,
Thank you for getting your life together this week...WAYYY warmer and sunnier than last week
Keep it up.

Dear Bloggies (Blog Buddies) & Blessings (my readers),
Thank you for taking the time to just read what I have to say...I can be all over the place sometimes and your comments and readership mean so much...LOVE YA'LL.

Dear Vegas Family Trip,
I can't wait...

Dear Job Search,
Please get better...

Dear Babe,

Thank you for being a hard worker and make-a-way, find-a-way type of guy.  I see you, Babe.  Thank you for your commitment to get the time off this year to make it to Vegas with the family...I was getting a bit Debbie Downerish after the past two years of not having you with us. I'm so geeked you'll be back with us this year...We gotta do it BIG!!

Dear God, 

Thank you for great family and friends...don't know what I would do with them. Thank you for bringing my lesson to me that will teach these middle school aged girls in October at the United Christian Women's Conference. I sure didn't know WHAT THE HECK I was going to pull together and you  laid it out right in front of me. Thank you for showing what I have and to appreciative for it, no matter how much more I want...You somehow bring me back to contentment.

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The Cure

Greetings and salutations, Blessings!!

So, as many of you know, I've been what??...

(you answer): SICK!

RIGHT!...and sounding like who?

(you answer): General Grievous.
Good job,'ve been paying attention...
or not and are just reading my blog for the first time, 
which is perfectly fine cause at least you're here, right??


(you answer): riiigghht. =/

Anywhoo, I haven't been able to shake this FUDICULOUS liked that, huh??
Got it from my new Bloggy, Brooke.

So, one of my nearest (literally...we live like five minutes in walking distance from each other...
okay, maybe 12 minutes) and dearest friends, Sabira, 
who's also at home dying  trying to get rid of her hot mess of a flu, jetted on her scooter to come make a drop of a special secret stash that she RAVED was making her feel "exponentially better." 

No really, those were her EXACT words...I mean, WHO IN THE WORLD says that?!?

(you answer) Sabira.

You're right, Bira does...smh.

Her secret remedy contained all natural supplements: B12, echinacea, vitamin C (no not the one hit wonder singer from a while back that EVERYBODY and they mama played or sang at they graduation...the actual vitamin) and ginger root tea. I didn't have the tea so I didn't take this.

So, me, being the pill poppin' gal that I am, 'cause I CANNOT EVEN DEAL with the taste of liquid meds, took them as advised.  I took one of each pill at the same time at 8:30pm last night and barely coughed since! Even the "cold" is coming out easier than before...
 If you know darn well, that if you aren't...I repeat: ARE NOT an expert in downing GINORMOUS HORSE PILLS, then this AMAZEballs remedy may not be for see the pics...
the B12 is a non-brainer, but the other two will mos-def send you gagging like you have a spoon down your throat.

So, a SUPER DUPER thanx and "praise God for your ministry" goes out to my, girl, Sabira...
if she wasn't at home dying with the flu, I would've never been able to make any progress getting rid of my horrific cough and snot nose.

So, what are are some of your best remedies when sick??
And if you decide to try this, 'cause maybe your dying like Sabira, or sound like my coughing twin, please holla back to tell me how your recovery goes!

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Entrepreneur State of Mind

Why does it have to be the patriarchal view of it though?...
I have to constantly ask myself if I'm willing to do the 
 to have the lifestyle my family deserves.

What's your take entrepreneurship?
Are you a small business owner? 
If so, what's your business and how's it working out for you?...Any pointers??
If not, what do you choose to do for living?

Me, Myself, and I

I'm kinda Super Stoked about this NEW linky party...Me, Myself, and I...specifically since I have't done an official ABOUT ME page for my blog...I'm excited to let my BLESSINGS and hopefully new Blessings (my readers- to-come get to know me better...and even more STOKED about getting to know my new BLOGGIES (blog buddies) that I've recently met/followed....


1. What is your biggest phobia?
I'm sooooo scared of not doing anything with my life...I have so many ideas and great plans and hopes and dreams...after graduating from college and having two kids after that its been harder to get back into the swing of things in the working world...

2. If you could relive any day of your life what would it be and why? -
 I would probably want to relive My hubby's and my dating days...we were so fun and spontaneous...we did whatever whenever...we had time and money to do things...LOL!...
Now we have no time, little money, and three kids...Date nights are constantly in my prayers. 
But praise God, slowly but surely we're getting back to that. (Yeah Buddy!!)

3. If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would you be?
Maybe but not fresh bait...experienced...been around the block for a bit so I'd know what to expect. Yet, I'm still young and spunky...full of energy...more guts to do and try new things.

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
Normally no celebs...I'm always mistaken for someone people actually think they know...
BUT... I've been told that I look the singer, Mya.

5. What songs would be included on the soundtrack to your life?
1. Make it Happen - Mariah Carrey
2. Step By Step - Whitney Houston
3. PYT - Michael Jackson (actually...anything by MJ is AUTOMATICALLY on my life's soundtrack)
4. Butterfly - Mariah Carrey
5. Whata Man - Salt N Peppa
6. Golden - Jill Scott
7. He Love Me - Jill Scott
8. Just Fine - Mary J. Blige
9. Unbreakable - Alicia Keys
10.  Benny and the Jets - Elton John (no judging...that's the joint)
11. The Time of My Life - from Dirty Dancing
12. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
13. Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
14. Try a Little Tenderness - Ottis Redding
15. Countdown - Beyonce
16. Love on Top - Beyonce
17. Can I Get A... - Jay-Z
18. The Wire - Kanye West
19. Stronger - Brittney Spears & Kanye West
20. A Women's Worth - Alicia Keys
21. Superwoman - Alicia Keys
22. This Woman's Work - Kate Bush & Maxwell
23. Heaven - Mary Mary
24. Get Up - Mary Mary
25. Melodies from Heaven - Kirk Franklin & the Family
26. Hosanna - Kirk Franklin & the Family
27. Don't Wanna Waste My Life - Lecrae

**Funny at first I thought I wouldn't be able to answer this last one and then OUT OF NOWHERE all these songs came flowing out of my brain all within 7 minutes...I had to stop.**


28. Me, Myself, and I - Beyonce...LOL!!

Can't WAIT to read yours!!

Be Blessed <3

P.S. 29. Fighter - Christina Aguilera

Know Who YOU Are

Happy BeYouTiFul Tuesday, Blessings!!
You are beautiful. 
You are enough. 
You have purpose.

This is an excerpt from DARLING. Its an online mag I came across a few days ago and its AMAZEballs for several reasons.  Its an online magazine, soon to be in print (SUPER STOKED) that's challenging the ideals of your normal young women's fashion/lifestyle/pop-culture magazine.  Darling is good place to start to redefine your mindset of what beauty really is and  to start addressing some those mind boggling questions you may have that you seem to keep to your self or that NO ONE EVER quite has the "right" answers for...

What are you waiting on...Go on over and check these Divas out. Then come back and tell me what you think...

I'm the Dreamer and Intellectual...
Don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Well, you shoulda went over there by now...
Which one are you and why?

Now go, already...

Beach, He-man, Hot Dog on a Stick, B-Boys, and More

Happy Monday, Blessings!!!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Here's the weekly recap:
1.  Half of last week was FREAKIN' gloomy and depressing...and RAIN?!?!...all I have to say is BOO ON THE WEATHER'S LIFE.

2. 2/3 of the B-Boys went to visit some of Jaden's friends from school. They live in Marina Del Rey, just walking distance from Mother's Beach...So I had to get a photo opp of the fellas with the BEST Jedi knight poses on our way to the beach...Get it, BOYS!!

3. Mary Kay ALL DAY!!...#thatisall

4. My mom wants her next dog to be a beagle...we both LOVE Snoopy...who wouldn't want Snoopy as a pet?!?...Although he'd probably be more my HOMIE than anything else...we would do ABSOLUTELY everything, eat...DANCE...but this beagle right AMAZEballs HUGE...didn't know they could get this big...Not too sure I want my Snoopy to get THIS big. =/

5. Landan's first corn dog.  Yes...he ate the WHOLE corn dog.

6. Jaden GROOVIN' while eating...what??...Don't tell me YOU don't groove when your meal is the bomb...#sideeye

7.  SICK...and as of today...still sounding like General Grievous from Star Wars.

8. Sitting back waiting to see which B-Boy is going to get hurt first...I tell them ONE time to stop playing rough before someone get hurts...and after that if they choose to continue...they need only to expect one thing = CASUALTIES. #sideeye

9. Sippin' on some sizzurp!!...Limeaid...yuuuuuuuuummmmmmm.

10. Monday's lunch at the mall with the B-Boys and 1/2 of the parentals (my mom).

11. Handy Landy. You couldn't tell him NUTHIN'...he just knew that HE KNEW what HE was doing.

12. My babe getting his preachin' proud of him. He did so well...well, he always does...and his analogies and applications are ALWAYS the best!...He made a reference of how the Power of the Holy Spirit is like the Power of Grey Skull (He-Man fans out there??...She-Ra??...) in how it can transform you and renew your mind just how it was only by the power of Grey Skull that Prince Adam could change into He-Man...then he had the nerve to show a clip...smh...#comedy

13. My FAVE pic of the KaiBee missing his daddy.

I would love to know how everyone's week panned out...if you posted anything similar like your instagram pics of the week or your week/life in photos...linked them here so I can see and comment back.

Here's to a blessed week...

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