Getcha Mind Right. . .

Just read some pretty powerful stuff from The Daily Love...A mind truly is a powerful thing...what are you choosing to believe or NOT believe about yourself? 
A goal is dead...NOTHING...if you haven't made up in your mind that you're worth the results of the goal and that you have the will, determination, and self-discipline to fulfill it.
Then you actually HAVE TO SO SOMETHING...yes...some actual WORK and see any fruit from your faith in your goal.

Here are the two thoughts that JUMPED ALL IN MY FACE:

1. Faith first, mindset second, goals third, action fourth, persistence always.
 -Mastin Kipp @The Daily Love

2.  Today's Affirmations:

I tell a new story about what's possible.

I surround myself with people who believe in my dreams.

My dreams are real, my doubts are not.

And I'm Off. . . .

Was up all hours of last night and came across this blog where these awesome and inspiring women, who are uber eager to become even MORE awesome are participating in The 30 Day Challenge!!!!!  I was kinda disappointed because I stumbled upon this brilliant idea on Day 9...But knew inside that I HAD to start NOW...this was too good of an exercise to pass up or put on the back burner for another 20 days or so...

The Challenge is pretty much, helping women get in a routine of becoming the women God created us to be...we've been instilled with all these amazing characteristics, attributes, and talents yet don't have the time, the will, energy or drive to manifest them...we've grown tired and weary as we go through the motions of caring for kids and husbands or busting our butts to climb the corporate ladder to prove ourselves just as worthy as our male counterparts, being Supermom as the college degree hangs and collects dust on the bedroom wall or working double shifts (figuratively and literally speaking) to make ends meet...both types of women ending her day exhausted, catching her breath thinking, "When do I get to get myself together?"

Now, you may be thinking, "What's so BIG and BAD about this challenge?"...not much, to be honest.  It's very little basic things like drinking these morning and night "elixirs," going to bed at a decent hour and walking up earlier than you normally would, writing in your prayer and gratitude journal and praying, breathing and stretching exercises...calling a buddy who's doing it with you and encouraging and holding each other accountable...little things you do daily until its routine and habitual which will lead to MAJOR results in the long run...(low key its the Compound Effect.)

Soooo...Crystal OFFICIALLY gave me the okay to jump on in!!...YAY!!!!...I did the warm milk last night (although I didn't get to bed until like 1am...Booooo!) but I was so excited to jump start this challenge. AND...the warm milk bit was quite tasty...Just picked up my lemon juice to start the "morning elixir" tomorrow.  I'm at the point where I am ready for a new me...A me that I love being and that others love being around and would love to know. I'm ready to be self-disciplined and decisive in all my thoughts, actions, and decision making. I LOVE the affirmations...all that's missing is that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!"...(my 2012 motto).

So...who's down to start getting their lives together with me?
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