I Gotta Crush On You

Morning Blessings!!
Wanted to share some of the ultra awesome things 
 I'm soooo crushing on this week.

1. These adorable wallpapers for your cellular devices
[haha!...cellular devices...liked that, huh?]
From Enlighten Education, an org that's all about teaching girls
 to become "thinking, confidant young women."
And I'm all about that life so...go get yours and support a spifferrific cause.
[Photo Source]

[Sorry, just felt like I had to shout this one]
So, I guess these are like journals on steroids...
Oh!...or remember Pimp My Ride with Xzibit on MTV??
This is the Pimp My Journal version.
But the AMAZEballs part of this find for me was the Scripture Scraps version 
of the SMASH BOOKS from lowercase letters.
I'll mos-def be sharing this as an activity with my GLOW Girls at church 
as a way for them to get more into the word of God and to help them with memorization.
[Photo Source]
[Photo Source]

3. Fruitful Feet Custom Toms Shoes
[                                                              ]
No, that's not a mistake, that means, "No Words."
But, no again, I DO have some words to say:
What is NOT to like about these??...
A. They're Toms.
C. I'm ALWAYS down to Rep the King with my gear. 
[Photo Source]

[Photo Source]
So, there you have it...my Current Thursday Crushes and 
Thursday Thoughts for the week.
PLEASE go 'head and share what you're crushing on this week...
I don't care WHAT is it...just share it.

Well, sometimes it is...
if its too far fetched, I may have to judge your whole entire life...
yea, ALL of it.
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