The Cure

Greetings and salutations, Blessings!!

So, as many of you know, I've been what??...

(you answer): SICK!

RIGHT!...and sounding like who?

(you answer): General Grievous.
Good job,'ve been paying attention...
or not and are just reading my blog for the first time, 
which is perfectly fine cause at least you're here, right??


(you answer): riiigghht. =/

Anywhoo, I haven't been able to shake this FUDICULOUS liked that, huh??
Got it from my new Bloggy, Brooke.

So, one of my nearest (literally...we live like five minutes in walking distance from each other...
okay, maybe 12 minutes) and dearest friends, Sabira, 
who's also at home dying  trying to get rid of her hot mess of a flu, jetted on her scooter to come make a drop of a special secret stash that she RAVED was making her feel "exponentially better." 

No really, those were her EXACT words...I mean, WHO IN THE WORLD says that?!?

(you answer) Sabira.

You're right, Bira does...smh.

Her secret remedy contained all natural supplements: B12, echinacea, vitamin C (no not the one hit wonder singer from a while back that EVERYBODY and they mama played or sang at they graduation...the actual vitamin) and ginger root tea. I didn't have the tea so I didn't take this.

So, me, being the pill poppin' gal that I am, 'cause I CANNOT EVEN DEAL with the taste of liquid meds, took them as advised.  I took one of each pill at the same time at 8:30pm last night and barely coughed since! Even the "cold" is coming out easier than before...
 If you know darn well, that if you aren't...I repeat: ARE NOT an expert in downing GINORMOUS HORSE PILLS, then this AMAZEballs remedy may not be for see the pics...
the B12 is a non-brainer, but the other two will mos-def send you gagging like you have a spoon down your throat.

So, a SUPER DUPER thanx and "praise God for your ministry" goes out to my, girl, Sabira...
if she wasn't at home dying with the flu, I would've never been able to make any progress getting rid of my horrific cough and snot nose.

So, what are are some of your best remedies when sick??
And if you decide to try this, 'cause maybe your dying like Sabira, or sound like my coughing twin, please holla back to tell me how your recovery goes!

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Millie said...

Funny.... echinacea tea with onions, honey, lemon, and halls

Katie said...

"praise God for your ministry"...laughing so hard! I love it. And seriously I would probably be gagging like crazy, me and horse pills are not friends!

Sar said...

I haven't heard the Graduation Song in forever! Love it!

I also loved Sabira's math terms (exponentially better)! My type of girl!

Thanks for linking up, Christine!

Christine Bryant said...

@Millie - My friend Mille JUST told me the same dog on thang!!!...I said YUCKKERS to that combo...CANNOT DEAL with that!!

@Katie - That's one of my FAVE sayings, girl...I got from a friend of from Mississippi...must be a southern thing...

@Sar - RIGHT?!?!...I don't even know why that popped in my head...besides the obvious of course...smh...took you back though, didn't it.

Katie said...

Holy pills! ...geez!
Glad you're feeling better!

Happy Thursday!

kc said...

Stopping by from SITS - you are HILARIOUS :) Love how you write.

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