Hey Mr. Postman...

Dear Blogging World,
Please bear with me as I'm learning all I can about this life...
And someone may need to take me under their wing [any mentors??] to put me up on game...BUT...through observation 
it seems like you're not a REAL blogger unless:

  1. You have a Shabby Apple ad on your blog.
  2. You're not a 20-something, married, SAHM, photographer, living in the middle of nowhere.
  3. You have lots of giveaways.
  4. Your blog has bright or neutral color blog designs with ultra white backgrounds.
  5. Your Pics are vintage-looking [who wants anyone to know that they'reactually from the present??]
  6. Blog post consist of photos ONLY...[who needs words? I just got the memo that readers don't read anyone...they look at photos.]
  7. You attend blogging conferences [specifically Bloggy Boot Camp thru SITS]- Speaking of conferences, anyone know of any good one's L.A.??
Dear Hubby
I CANNOT thank you ENOUGH for the work you put in this week. You always seem to amaze me...Putting the kids to bed, making their plates, playing with them outside after working on your car and having a full day at church, being my friend, real convos, loving me and buying and prepping breakfast for my sorority meeting...
A slo-mo, solo, standing ovation goes out to you, Babe. <3
[vintage photo - good blogger]
[present day photo - big NO-NO]
Dear Self,
Didn't I say stop staying up so late blogging??...You're still not listening...maybe this week you will.

Dear So You Think You Can Dance [America],
Boo on your life for letting go Amber and Brandon this week, especially after this performance...although votes were based off last week's performances.

Dear God,
I have to thank you for hooking up my marriage this year.  I know things have been shaky, L.A.F.M. [like a freakin' mug], but you have REALLY shown out...I don't know what I did to deserve the goodness that my Hubby has been showing and giving recently...
but all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Dear Amy @ Taking Steps Home,
Girl, you hit it the nail on the head with your interpretation of the "S" word.
women submit
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Kait said...

Just found your blog and love it!

It is so easy to feel small in the blogsphere; just keep on, keepin on and be true to yourself and God and you'll get there!

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