Friday Letters

Dear Christine,
You will not waste time trying to think of a clever intro this post. You will just hop right into it since you're tired from not getting enough sleep last night because of packing for the family vacay, blogging, the early travel from LA to Vegas, and the long hot day with zero rest AND the B-Boys are still up and SUPER wired...[GO TO BED!!!!] Don't feel guilty for not having a proper intro, your readers will understand...Now...onto the next...
Super irritated with the hyperness of the
Dear J-Dogg,
Please move out of my way as am I'm trying to take a pic that depicts my HIGH level of FRUSTRATION and TIREDNESS right now...
[although I believe I captured that pretty well in the previous pic].

Dear Supportive Fam & Friends,
You don't EVEN know how much your support means to me...from the encouraging tweets, comments, and recommended resources to learn more...You ARE appreciated and make me want to do exceptionally well with this...THANX Ya'll!! <3

Dear Vegas,
Happy to be here away from home.  Please don't be too unbearably hot.  I hope we branch out to do some things we normally don't do.

Dear Larry [my bro],
If you don't stop snoring, right now in life, as I'm typing these're in the adjoining suite and I can STILL hear your gag-snoring...I hope you DON'T choke in your sleep...No, for real.

Dear Jaybee [Hubby]
You. Are. Amazing. #thatisall

Dear Glasses,
Please hold on for as long as you can...I know I've had you since freakin' 2005/2006...I know your lifespan is coming to an end and I'm soooo blessed you're staying together by my clear top coat nail polish that I used two nights ago as an adhesive to save your life....Please hear my plea. I cannot afford to loose right now.

Partying with:

Be Blessed, Blessings!

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