MONday Make My Morning Blog Hop

Happy MONday, Blessings!!!

Yes...I said Blessings...You know how people have "tweeps", followers, or friends on various social networks, well I JUST decided, at the THIS very moment in time, that my followers, readers, supporters will be my "Blessings"...because it is TRULY a blessing when you gain a new new reader or follower...its shows that they like you...your views...your opinions...your silly stories...whatever it may be that you blog about...and you must feels good, doesn't a little blessing.

ANYWHOO...I just found a Blog Hop that I want to pass on for those looking to meet to Bloggies (my name for Blog Buddies) and network.  Its the Make My Morning Blog Hop Hosted by three wonderful divas: Jeannette of The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug, Lisa of Mompreneur Mogul and Jen of Life With Levi! I'd love for you to join me...come on!...what are you waiting on???

This morning's question is: WHAT MAKES YOUR MORNING?
For me an awesome morning would be waking up restful...FULLY RESTED...not drowsy nor lacking energy, meaning my butt had to be in bed by a decent hour the night before...I love...LOVE...L-O-V-E!....the idea of chillin on the couch, in the backyard, or even in the car parked with my coffee and catching up on my blog threads and Twitter timeline...AFTER all the kids have been dropped off to day care and school and baby is knocked out sleep for his morning nap...

Okay...enough about my morning...what makes yours??


Emily Sung said...

Following you from the Make my Morning Hop!

Hope you'll visit and follow back!

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