...Twiddling Thumbs...

Life's Check List:
1. Marriage.............CHECK!
2. College Degree...CHECK!
3. Kids...(THREE of them, matter of fact)...(AND ALL BOYS)...CHECK!!!
...Now what??

Have you ever felt that way?...Oh no wait, you're going through this right NOW, you say?...Yeah, me too.

Remember playing MASH in middle school, and sad to say in high school, too?...MASH?...You remember MASH?!?  The game when you drew the huge never ending spiral in the center of the paper until someone yelled, "STOP," and the number of rings of the spiral indicated how many spaces you would go at a time in order to predict how many kids you'd have, who'd you marry, where'd you live, what car you'd drive, how much money you'd make, what kind of career you'd have...the list could go on depending on your categories...Ahhhh!...Yes, MASH (Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House)...now you remember.

Mine would always seem to come out looking something like this:
Kids: 20
Husband: Steve Urkel (or Micah Cheney, the BIGGEST nerd in the class)
Job:  Fast Food Drive-Thru Attendant
Money: Dirt Poor
Car: A Skateboard
City/Country: Africa, Mexico, South Central Los Angeles

All that to say, I'd take my three crazy boys ANY DAY over 20 rugrats, The AMAZING Mr. Jarrett Alan Bryant over Urkel or Micah, my rusty-dusty 2001 Ford Escape over a skateboard, and living with my parents...Oh...you didn't know that?...YES...a party of five living my "Parentals" AND my two siblings, and R.J., can't forget him...the family dog, over living in a shack...I guess.

So, here I am, a college grad and married with children and I hear countless discussions at church, among friends, the kid's school, the park, and the hair shop (when I can make it there, I'm a ponytail 365 days a year-type of girl) about how women can't wait to be married, want to finish school, wish they had kids...but see... I have all that...Now what??

I know that a career shouldn't define who you are...and plenty of moms are just as happy being home with their children...but I feel unaccomplished at times...I feel like I'm not doing anything...being at home isn't enough right now for me, especially knowing that I need to help financially right now.  So what's a girl to do?  Do I start looking for a  j-o-b (just over broke) or do I get on the grind and begin this Mary Kay hustle for real and stop seeing it as just a hobby anymore?

So...I never got back to my goals like I said I would in January...So I think I'll start there...set out my goals (personal and business) and make a plan for action...that will be my next assignment and my next blog entry...now for some accountability...I NEED some...whose got my back? Maybe you need some accountability as well...why don't you tell me your goals and aspirations and we'll hold one another accountable...I'd love to hear from you and what's on your heart to accomplish or get a move on...

...Great!...Now I wanna play MASH...any takers?
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