Wonderfully Made

He tells me that I am "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"...but how much of that do I truly believe?...I've been going through a lot of tomfoolery (you'll see that I use this word way too much) this past year and it's led to stress and worrying; not leaning and relying on God to see me through and it's been taking a physical, mental, and emotional toll on me...no bueno. 

But God is a GREAT God and he knows EXACTLY what he's doing in our lives...we just have to trust and believe that he knows what's best...

'Christine, even if that means going through it right now in my marriage?'

...Yes, even if it means troubling times in my marriage, Christine, God still knows this is what I need to go through right now...(whomp whomp =/ )

Through these ever-much-so trying times, I've been reading two particular blogs: The Daily Love (whoot whoot!!) and Proverbs 31 Ministries, along with a few new Twitter Accounts that I'm following now, and I've been noticing a re-occurring theme from the content of each of their postings: Self Love and Acceptance.

I began thinking, 'Do I really care for and love myself the way I thought I did?'

I've been so into my family and my husband and my mess, that I may be neglecting myself and not even knowing it...You know, we as women, invest and sacrifice all that we are and have for our families that we tend to forget ourselves...and any thought of taking care "me" would be just darn right selfish, right?!?...but I'm beginning to realize that I have to take care of me, and know and believe that its not being selfish...but its the self love and acceptance for myself that I've been lacking.

Now, through my trials, I'm learning not to be worrisome and stressed (have I mastered it, GREAT SCOTT, NO!...but I'm learning), and to rely on God, for he knows I need to learn something from these circumstances and he's building me up into the DORK (Daughter Of The Righteous King) he has created me to be (which is one of my requests I've been recently praying for anywhoo...). 

I'm also learning not focus on the problems before me and to focus on the results or the outcome...focus on the lesson to be learned...on the person that I will have grown into due to my endurance, patience, and faith during my tomfoolery...

...and that is what I am CHOOSING to do.

*Pink Hugs & Blessings*


johnsoncharity83 said...

LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Almost inspired me to start a blog, almost :) God is growin you and I see it. You know I love you sis! I'm excited to see what God is doing.

XtineBee said...

Thanx Char-Dogg!!...You should start one...It helps to release some of the things you don't want to necessarily discuss at the time with others but you're still getting it out...its a great way of sharing...its feels good once you press "PUBLISH". Hope to one from you soon.

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