Me, The Co-Creator of My Life??

So, while keeping up on my blogs that I read daily, I've been seeing this idea of "ME" being the "Co-Creator of My Life". I haven't quite understood what exactly this meant so I would pretty much breeze through that part, especially knowing that my Lord and Savior is THEE ONLY Creator of my life and yours.

Recently I've been on an emotional roller coaster as I'm undergoing "My Lessons of Life," AKA: My Circumstances, My Storms, Major Tomfoolery...LIFE!  I choose to refer to them as "My Life Lessons" because I choose to believe that God is not just allowing bad things to happen to me as I sit here questioning his motives as to why are these things occurring.  But instead, I know that God is teaching me important lessons to help live my life to the fullest, to help build me into the D.O.R.K. (Daughter Of The Righteous/Risen King) He wants me to be, to help me find and live my purpose in Life, and to better equip me with the godly characteristics that I need major work in.

So, for when my marriage is at a low, I could, and have many times, choose to feel like a complete loser and think, "Boo on my life," or I can thank God for the test (and for the testimony to come) and work my butt off on Acing It, so I don't have to struggle with this storm anymore. I look for the lessons in my circumstances, and trust and have faith in God, that He'll see me through since I know He does not give me anything that He knows I can't bear. 

So when I feel burnt out, like a loser, unloved, lonely, stressed...(ADD YOUR OWN HERE)...I choose NOT to!  I choose to change my way of thinking about the situation and choose to feel the POSITIVE feeling to the previous negative one I was just experiencing. 

I have learned this is what it means to be the Co-Creator of My Life.  I choose to feel loved, not lonely, to feel like a winner, to feel refreshed and blessed. Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

As Lady Gaga would say, "I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way" but only because God made ME and YOU to be nothing less...So why think and act like you are?

Choose to be the Change you wish to see.

*Pink Hugs & Blessings*


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